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The Success Journey Of Lady Gaga After Over Coming Depression

Lady Gaga the famous singer who have made a name for herself didn’t just became popular without a lot of difficult and setback. She was told that she won’t make it and that she wont even be nominated for a Grammy. But years later she proved them wrong. Here in this article, we will look at the success story of Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga didn’t find it easy when she was young. At school she was bullied and taunted for her looks. She was nicknamed with different names. She was sexually abused while she was 16 and that took her 7 years to get over it. And she was also abused the second time and she couldn’t disclose it to anybody.

She also battled depression. She took antidepressant constantly. This was against the advice of her Doctor. She so many times became sick and Manic. She had to battle so many things to come out on top. Even while she was battling depression, she was making music and was still doing the best she could do to not stay depressed. She fought depression and overcame. She was a fighter. She did what she could do in other to become better and stronger.

The lessons to learn from Lady Gaga is that your pass wont shape who you are. The most horrible past that you have will only limit you if you give it the chance to. So, try not to allow you past dictate who you should be in life.

Secondly, Depression doesn’t take away your talent. For as many that are depressed. Always know that you can still be who you are. Work on your depressed state and move on to the next level. Life rewards those who are willing to it the best. Always have it behind your mind that the best is always going to come.

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