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Don't ever allow your children to watch this 8 movies with you.

No matter how interesting a movie is, some movies are made to be watched by a family or group of friends, why some should just never be watched with your children, ever! Cause kids of nowadays are good at doing thing secretly which they know is bad.

Majority of the movies kid get attached to are all full of horror and sex scene. And after watching it they put to practice everything they have watched in the movie.

This article has complied a list of movies you should think twice before watching them with your children so as not to corrupt there mindset and thinking.

1. Teenage cock tail

2. American Psycho

3. Blue Valentine

4. Tusk

5. The little hours

6. Gerald's Game

7. Under the skin

8. Below her mouthpls don't ever watch this 8 movies when your kid are around with you, and take note of what ever you kids watch so as not to corrupt there mindset and thinking.

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American Psycho Blue Valentine Tusk


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