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If You Can't Laugh Silently, Then Don't See These Memes

These hilarious memes have composed will make you laugh out loud.

Me on the judgement day acting surprised while being told I'm going to hell.

When you don't know what is happening in your life.

When Abia people visit Enugu and see good roads.

Famous bald head in the world.

Do you love me?.

Fast and furious 10.

Admit it.

When I tell my friends to take a little bite.

When the squad discussion is on and my crush passes by.

When you have a mathematician as a child.

Give this man a rap name.

When you ask a lady to meet you in the bank.

True lovers are born in January, March, May, October and December.

Imagine God says your offering money in church will be your feeding in heaven...just know that is ulcer that will kill most of you all... especially church drummers and other instrumentalists.

Can't wait to get this for my baby girl.

Opening a bottle of Sprite after shaking too much be like.

Me calling my number after setting new ringtone in my mobile phone.

If I mistakenly throw empty sachet water here, what will happen?.

World vs Doctors.

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