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Opinion: Why Brymo Is A Far Better Musician Than Fela

Perhaps many Nigerians still don't know who the skillful musician is. Out of the ones that know or have heard about him, some have not for once given considerable attention to his art. Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ, popularly known as Brymo came to the spotlight after featuring in Ice Prince's Oleku, a hit track in Ice Prince's debut album; Everybody Loves Ice. The crooner left Chocolate City shortly after the release of his premiere album; Son of a kapenta which incorporates his hit singles: Ara (2011), and Good Morning (2012).

After giving a brief prelude of who Brymo is, I move to unfold the essence of my preconceived notion that Brymo is a far better artist than Fela. This article is an effort to show how Brymo outperforms Fela in the purest form of artistry.

Fela Kuti is regarded as the father of Afrobeat. He was a bandleader, a political activist, and Pan-Africanist. His style of music is a flux of jazz, funk, highlife, psychedelic rock, African chants, and rhythms. Many Nigerians have placed Fela on a spot, unattainable for others. This is so because of how he influenced the social and political construct of his time, his charisma, and how vastly he impacted a good number of Nigerian musicians.

On the other hand, Brymo has delivered sublime musicality and exhibited unqualifiable and unquantifiable artistry with the way he waxes poetics and skills in his art. His music evaluates diverse issues such as life, love, society, and philosophy. Just like a painter, Brymo makes colorful scenes in his cinematic songs with the way he expresses the universe in terms of music. Fela lacked this diversity.

In Ozymandias, Brymo sang about an unfair lover who takes all the love without giving back any. The employment of Bysshe Shelly's poem; Ozymandias and how Brymo used this song to touch different facets and still golds on to a particular idea is a pure genius, one stroke of his brush ensuing different beautiful colors. 

Merchants, Dealers and Slaves, Tabula Rasa, Klĭtôrĭs, Osó, Yellow, Libel and his latest release '9' a two-part album are his studio works that arrived after his debut album; Son of a Kapenta.

Yellow is considerably his Magnus opus. A lot of us listeners are still trying to demystify the meanings integrated into most tracks of the album.

It is perhaps the most well-designed album in Nigeria music history as it cuts across life, love, and society, with the employment of different languages; English, pidgin, Yoruba, and Igbo. 

Brymo uses symbolism, parables, and metaphor to put across his messages most sublimely. He does not only sings, he writes. He published "Oriri's Plight," a multifaceted work of fiction. Despite this, music and poetry are still his forte. Indeed, music is the purest form of art and that is where he has graciously bloomed.

Commercial success will not make or mar the prominence of Brymo. And by the end of his career, he would be regarded as one of the greatest talented artists in Nigeria, if not the greatest. Fela is magical but unfortunately, his talent doesn't match that of Brymo.

Content created and supplied by: KarimJustin (via Opera News )

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