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Hushpuppi and Invictus Obi: Why you must never allow motivational speakers to put you under pressure

The arrest of Nigerian businessman Obinwa OkeKe, better known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Invictus ObiOkeke at the Dallas International Airport in 2019, and the recent arrest of Raymond Igbalod, also known as Interpol. In the UAE, it is a clear sign of why our young people should never allow inciting speakers to force us under unnecessary pressure.

While Invictus Obi was arrested in 2019 for more than $ 11 million in online fraud, Hushpup was arrested in connection with online fraud և high-level piracy.

Prior to their arrest, Invictus Obi և Hushpuppi not only gave gifts and brochures to create mass retreats on social media, but also became motivational spokespersons, telling young people that the opportunity to do so was unconscious in the corner. that his wealth was in dubious, dubious ways.

We live in a world where the emphasis is usually on material things. Once upon a time, when a person was very successful in Nigeria, he could hardly reveal the source of his wealth. Either they attribute it to God, or they begin to show you how they build their wealth and possessions from a small amount or a salary.

Unfortunately, many of these people quickly become attractive to event organizers, who then start inviting them, encouraging and motivating other young people to succeed.

This deceptive act not only puts unfair pressure on hardworking, passionate men and women, but also calls into question their fate or position. For many who are not so strong, they begin to commit a crime or offense in some way, but show that they can succeed.

It is recalled that Invictus Obi not only compiled a list of the 100 most influential young African powers, but was often used by some prominent Nigerians to describe how young Nigerian workers are.

Now that two Nigerians under the age of 40 have been arrested and are facing possible long-term sentences, their lives should be a lesson for young people, as they need to know that "everything that shines is not gold".

Whether it is good to work, to work diligently, to trust God, one must also remember that without any responsibility, it is necessary to allow the speakers to push the pressure.

Content created and supplied by: Abiola2020 (via Opera News )

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