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See What This Man Did For His Pregnant Wife To Cross A Drainage That Has Got People Talking

The popular saying that "Love is indeed blind" is indeed true and was exemplified by an unknown man after he lied down across a wide drainage for his pregnant wife to cross over it, while people gathered around to watch them. See the picture below.

This picture was posted by a Facebook user named 'Abiyamo' with the caption 'the kind of man ladies want'. After this picture was posted, Nigerians massively stormed the page to express their opinion on what the man did for his pregnant wife, some of them said they can never do that, while some said it is an act of love they are willing to display to their partner anytime. See reactions below.

When two people are in love, there is no limit to their affections, they will do anything for themselves. It is a kind of mutual understanding born out of love and respect for each other. This kind of affection display by this man in the picture is one of its kind, but there are people who will do more than him for their partners.

However, some people maltreat their partners in a relationship, they don't protect them rather they make them have inferiority complex. Relationships should be with mutual understanding as stated above, when the wife is cooking the husband should be cleaning, when the husband is washing the car, the wife should be washing clothes and vice versa.

A long-lasting relationship can only come up when the two parties involve have respect for each and are willing to do anything for each other in terms of support, caring, love, problems sharing and others and never see each others as enemy.

What do you think about this husband and wife in the picture above? Share it with us in the comments section.

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