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See Why Boys In Czech Republic Flog Ladies On Their 'Buttocks' On Easter Monday

For many women in the Czech Republic, the Easter season, also known as Velikonoce, is not their annual holiday season. Easter Monday is a national holiday, and is traditionally the time when women are beaten with a willow pomlázka stick.

The name comes from pomladit, meaning "to make it smaller" and its connection to Easter is not well known. In the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other parts of Hungary, the Easter whip is used as part of the whipping or whipping ceremony on Easter Monday.

In the morning, men encourage women with a special hand whip or swap called pomlázka or karabáč (Czech) or korbáč (Slovakia) or siba or korbács (Hungary).

Pamlázka consists of three wigs, four, eight, twelve or twenty-four wigs (willow sticks), usually from half a meter to two meters and decorated with ribbon dyes at the end.

This seems to confirm that fertilizer is the first tree to wake up in the spring. How wonderful. It seems to be mating now and skipping with a “light wipe”, however, we just rub the eggs on the mountain.

In the past, young boys took to the streets with whips, and pictures of traditional dress parks showing girls running or hiding. Round play, like tag games, still happens. Modern people now consider sniffing Rude to be unacceptable.

Striking women should get a year of health, fertility and beauty. Some older women might tell you that the boys hit them around a lot when they were younger, but now it’s very difficult in places where it’s practiced and not even found in cities.

Many whips today are more or less obsessive-compulsive, and violence against women is becoming increasingly unacceptable. However, even if you see an Easter whip some women feel younger because of unhealthy memories.

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