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I carried an unknown lady on the road, see what she turned into at night (fiction)

My name is Gbenga and I am a confirm womanizer, I have used and dump so many girls but I didn't know that the day will come, when I will have to pay for all my sins. I didn't know that nemesis will catch up with me.

I have dated over 25 women and whenever I get what I want from you I will dump you. Because of my way of life my friend nicknamed me grass cutter. The ladies in my street has gotten use to me so none of them want to date me anymore, so I always go to another different street entirely to look for women. On this faithful day I was coming home from work when I saw this pretty lady, the lady was very beautiful that I just couldn't take my eyes off her so I walk up to her.

She told me that she was a prostitute, and that it is her job to go and spend the night with different men. I was so happy and I told her to spend the night with me, and she asked for 30 thousand naira. I agreed but I told my self that I will cut from the money in the morning, because by that time I would have had her to my satisfaction.

We went to my house and I got down to business, the girl was really breathtaking and beautiful and we enjoyed ourselves, or maybe I enjoyed myself. At about 3 am this girl woke me up and told me that she wants to go home. I told her to wait till at least 5 am, but she insisted that she wants to go by 3 am so I agreed, after all I have gotten what I want. I went to my drawer and gave her ten thousand naira, she told me to complete it and I told her that I don't have, before I knew it this girl throw the money at my face, and started some incantation, she called my name and told me that they have been looking for ways to teach me a lesson, in their marine kingdom.

Her eyes became bloodshed and before I knew it she turned into a big snake, right now the both of us are in my house looking at each other. I can't go out of the house and she is not ready to leave. The snake has already set to strike me if I make a move of leaving. I have been screaming but no one has come to my rescue. I am sweating like a goat at the moment and everywhere is cold.

Please help me because I don't know what to do.

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