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Remember The Movie "Superman", See Pictures Of How Superman Was Filmed

The movie Superman is a superhero fictional movie, the characterization was created by writer Jerry Siegal and artist Joe shuster. Superman (Karl Kent) was born in Krypton Planet and was given the name Kal-EL on the day of his birth. As a small little baby before his planet Krypton was destroy, his parents send him to earth in a small spaceship and handed in the country side of America in a small fictional town called Smallville.

When he landed he was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent who later adopt him as his earthly parent. As karl kent(Superman) grow he starts to develop his skills, abilities in various ways,and also decided to use his powers to fight crime in the city.

Superman was not the first superhero film or Character. The shooting of Superman was more in the studio(the use of green background) because of the fictional activities in the went down in the movie those flying,carrying and hitting of hot metals. Below are behind the scenes pictures of how Superman was acted.

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