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10 Best Movies From 1990-2020

As the years go by in the world, the movie industry changes as new perspective of movies are being released making it almost difficult to people to review old movies.

But despite this, there are several movies that can never be forgotten in the movie industry as this were movies that were considered as a massive success.

This movies were replayed from time to time and are considered amongst highest ranked movie and series of all time.

Well here are 10 Movies that were eventually a huge success -

10. High School Musical

9. Merlin

8. Legend Of The Seeker

7. Lord Of The Rings

6. Game Of Thrones

5. Avatar

4. Mission Impossible

3. Men In Black

2. Titanic

1. Home Alone

This was one movie every family loved to watch during the Christmas period as it put the household into that festive mood. The movie focused on a young boy who was accidentally left behind at home by his family then realising the good side to being left at home he decided to explore.

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High School Musical Legend Merlin


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