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Check Out The Main Reason Why Akanke Is Trending on Twitter.

A person named Akanke has been trending on twitter after she allegedly revealed vital information about Avril amaka. According to twitter users, Akanke is a feminist who destroys the image of men on twitter. Avril Amaka was not happy with the way Akanke destroys men on twitter so she advised her to stop doing this. In retaliation to this, Akanke revealed Avril home address, phone number and other important information about Avril.

Following this incident, some twitter users were annoyed by this and they have decided to punish Akanke for what she did. Some of them released her phone numbers and her facebook account on twitter. It was during this incident twitter users found out that Akanke was a wedding planner. This has generated reactions from people because they can't believe that a feminist who cyber bullies men on twitter was a wedding planner.

Akanke has changed her name to Evelyn Erhabor and she has locked her profile on facebook to prevent people from getting her information. A poular doctor known as Dr Oluwafunmilayo has reacted to this. In his words, he said" You are not angry Akanke posted sensitive private info of Avril Amaka that can lead to Avril being sacked, bullied, harmed and killed. But you are angry other people have also now posted Akanke details. Pls say after me, Dear lord I'm a witch. Pls strike me with thunder"

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