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Davido Makes Other Artists Look Bad: People React After Davido Signed May D Into DMW

May D whose real name is Akinmayokun Awodumila is a Nigerian Singer and Songwriter, He is married to Carolina Wassmuth, he studied Mass Communications at the University of Lagos. During the saga between Paul Okoye and Cynthia Morgan May D also came out to talk about his past experience with Paul Okoye and his twin Brothers, he expressed how he felt back then and how he has moved passed the whole scenario, he also was on the opinion that record Labels should develop the habit of treating songwriters with respect and love. It generated some mixed reactions from fans as some where in support of him while others where against him. From his statement one can tell that he his not in good terms with the Okoye's maybe because he was really treated badly while he was still with the Okoye's, to me that was absurd and inhuman of the Okoye's if truely they where guilty.

That being said, luck has come to shine on May D again as he gets signed into one of the biggest record Label in Nigeria DMW. DMW is a record label in Nigeria owned by David Adeleke whose stage name ia Davido one of Nigerians most talented Singer and Billionaire's Son. I am truely happy for May D as we all know that Davido is a  kind hearted Musician who has other people to heart, he is know for his generosity and goodwill, any artist signed under DMW always rise to prominence, it is factual.

May D on the other hand took to his Twitter handle to break the palm kernel shell off the kernel as he announced who his new family is. Not all the time we get to see artists call record labels family, it takes a humble artist and a competent record Label to become family. It was so easy for him to call them Family, he must be  thrilled with what he is seeing i guess.

This is what May D wrote on his Twitter page;

My new family, i am so excited PROBLEM.

Fans went in masses to congratulate him, but a particular fans made a bad comment against Davido. He wrote;

David makes other artists look bad.

I am still trying to understand what he meant by such statement because i obviously did not see what Davido possibly did wrong that must have generated such harsh words it's uncalled for. If we all can try as much as possible to applaud people of their good deeds and kind gesture towards others the world wll become a better and a safer place for all of us

See fans reaction that proves they are really excited about this great news.

We should be expecting a real banger from May D and Davido as they have joined forces together. Congratulations to May D.

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