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Have you seen a cute baby today? See 25 adorable pictures of kids everyone would be lucky to have

One of the greatest gifts God gives parents is children, whether poor or rich, one must consider his or herself lucky to be blessed with a child, some people are married for more than two decades but the lord has not blessed them yet, we have also been seeing and heard testimonies of people that finally welcomed their first child several years later after been unable to produce a child.

Cases of some grandmothers battling their daughter in-laws to produce a child for the family are not strange, mother in-laws always pressure their children to do the needful by bearing children, this sometimes lead to parents looking for several solutions to at least bear just a child, others would normally adopt children.

Being blessed with a child is cool, but being blessed with a cute and adorable kid is the is very good in the family, every aspiring parents prayer point is to be blessed with a healthy and cute baby, no one wants an ugly child at all.

I have researched and below are 25 pictures of cute babies around the world. I guess you will definitely have a soft spot for one or two of them as they are all good looking.

After seeing all these pictures, I asked myself what would have been the faith of these children if any of their parents aborted their pregnancy, obviously, they wouldn't have been born. So I want to cease this opportunity and advice ladies to stop doing abortion when ever they are pregnant, you don't know the type of human being you are carrying, you could be carrying twins or even the future president without knowing, and killing an innocent fetus is wickedness.

Thank you very much for reading this article, now that you have seen all the pictures above, do you love any of the kids?

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