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ANCIENT BUT GOLD: Adorable Pictures Of How Average Nigerian Enjoyed Life In The 80/90s

Take a look at the picture above, that was how an average Nigerian man lives, to him and to us then, he is a big guy living large. You can see he is busy with his Sega Game, which has currently been upgraded to the latest Pay.

Any girl would do anything to be with this guy, because he has virtually everything to make your day fascinating. That was Nigeria in the 90s, but now the case is not the same.If you do not have this almighty television, you are poor as a church rat. That was the television that was used in the 80s, during that time, children that does not have television would stand outside, with a block beneath their feets so that they can have a clear view of the video playing on the television.Although this was not the first one that came, it never had a clear view, but during those days, Nollywood was the best of all.It was kind of stressful, in the sense that, if you want to rewind forward, which is now called fast forward, you have to use this rewinder to rewind it, you now have to apply force and strength. But today, just relax on your comfortable sofa, and tap the forward button.Look how adorable this young men are looking. That was the best swag in the 80s, this could be 4 yards fabrics to see for only a trouser, with a tight shirt and long shoe that has long heel. It's funny how they dress in the 80s, soon enough this generation will drive back and start dressing this way.Remember this sandals, no one referred them as Gucci and Gabbana, it was set popular then, you can wore it to any occasion, swam a water log with it, or do anything else.About millions of Nigerians do not have access to steady power supply, but this lamp and locally made lantern was the solar of all time. It has no interruption unless it was out of kerosene, if you never used any of this, you are not a Nigerian.Childhood is the best stage in life, you have nothing to think about, just wake up and run outside to play with your mates. It was a memorable day to all Nigerians, nowadays children don't play again, day read more than professors. Those days when this drinks were the best of all, including coka-cola, Nigeria as of 80/90s has been the best memorable moments to compare to this recent time.This novel made primary schools enjoyable, including novels like "Bina at the airport", "Simbi goes to school". You ever read those novels?, then you are a legend.Only the tin can make you want to have some, this was when Nigeria was in better condition, not today things has fallen apart.By now this young girls might have been married, with just a drop of this OMO, you can wash a whole lot of clothes with it. Today you see "WAW and other detergent that does not have quality at all.Yoh remember this Gold and you are still single, then you need a serious deliverance.

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