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Here are photos that show what a fan can do because of a celebrity, are these things worth doing?

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So many people are in love with most of the top celebrities which is definitely normal as being a fan of an artist. But when most fans go the extra mile by having a tattoo of these celebrities on their body,what will you call such a fan?

Do you think it is very extreme for a fan to have a tattoo of their favourite celebrity on their body?

We have seen when fans go the extra mile by doing anything their favourite celebrity tell them to do, most fans can even go ahead and do whatever their celebrity is even thinking about.

If you have noticed most times when a celebrity is having a beef with someone on social media,most of their fans go the extra mile by even going ahead to look for that person who is having a beef with their favourite celebrity.

But let's focus more on the aspect of tattooing your body with your favourite celebrity.

So many people show their love for their favourite celebrity but these people in the photo have proven to be die hard fans of these celebrities. Now reason this,for those that tattooed the names of this celebrities on there body. What if the celebrity changes his or her names, what if Burna Boy changes his name to Burna Man then maybe you will have to erase the Boy and replace it with Man I guess.

In a situation where that celebrity changes his hair style, if he was on low cut and eventually started making dreads then what will you do about that?

Some will say this tattoo makes them real and die hard fans of their favourite celebrity, what do you think, what is your response to that?

So I was trying to imagine what someone like a celebrity turns into a pastor and says all this tattoo's are very irrelevant and a sign of immaturity. Yes its true because most of our celebrities are now turning into pastors and evangelist.

You made this tattoo for them,there might come a time when they are no longer your favourite celebrity, a time will come when someone other celebrity will be your favourite,then what will you do?

Will you erase the previous tattoos are just add more to the previous one's?

There are so many things to be considered when having a tattoo, most people and most especially pastors don't support the tattoo drawing. Am even sure the bible also said something about tattoo and its not something you should partake in.

Most people especially fans of celebrities like Wizkid,Davido and Burna Boy usually have these tattoos so they can be very much recognised by social media and to hype themselves.

But the popular reason most people have this tattoo's which you might even agree with me is that they do it for money.

Have you been to a show or a concert were someone like Davido is performing? Most times you hear screams and shouts but what most people do this days is to remove their shirt so as to show the tattoo they have of Davido to him. And when someone like Davido see's a tattoo of his face on somebody's body he will definitely give the person some amount of cash for being a die hard fan.

So what do you think?

Is the tattoo worth it?

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