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Meet Ernestine Shepherd, The Former Model Who Started Working Out at The Age of 56

Ernestine Shepherd was born in 1936. She used to be a model in her younger days before she retired from that only to get into body building and fitness with her sister many years ago.

She is best known for being,the oldest competitive female bodybuilder in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records, ten years ago, that is in 2010

She won two major world titles in her body building career and even went on to run 9 marathons. 

She is also an author.

Although she no longer compete in body building championships, she is still a very active trainer and fitness coach to both the young and seniors.

She lost her husband of over 55 years in 2019 but she has kept her light shinning and inspiring many more with her life in and out there.

She holds these three strings together as her mantra, Determined, Dedicated and Disciplined.

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Ernestine Shepherd Guinness Book of World Records The Age of 56


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