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Tears flow in the land (A Poem)


The moon has turned red

Pregnant by blood of the dead

The sun now stands still

For its grief has no pill

What a gloomy day!

While we watch and play

We become prey to our Predator

'Rip off their skin' says the Dictactor

Without mercy 

Without pity

The shooting 

The killing

Soldiers trained for War

Now parade in Palour

Judges armed with law

Now lie on the floor

Have they not seen?

Blood spilling on the scene?

What have we done wrong?

In singing our Father's Song?

How do we 'build a nation'

With voilence and corruption?

When will "peace reign'

When we spill blood like rain?

Dear Nation! I weep for thee!

No more broken shall thou be

For our tears have gone to heaven

And we shall not be forsaken

(to be continued as events unveil in the fight for better governance)


#The Broken

Content created and supplied by: Ekpoxto (via Opera News )

Palour Predator War


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