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Wealth is not Gender Dependent; Meet the Yoruba Woman, who is the Richest Woman in Africa

Many ladies this days crave for atttention, they no longer want to work for their own money, they simply want to become the wife of a very rich business man or politician. Many of them who have their certificates and skills, abandon them and go in search of rich men, who are old enough to their fathers, at least some are decent enough to go after men in their age bracket (although, rich). They consider working for their money an obsolete and slow way of becoming rich, why not just go for a rich man, who is already made and will simply make me rich just by marrying me, I feel this trend is very dangerous for our youths and the future generation. A mother who isn’t vast in any business skill, what exactly is she supposed to teach her children.

While we have a category of women that are dependent on men for money, we also have another category, who believe in working hard for their money, they derive a certain level of joy from creating wealth for people around them. They feel they have a certain level of impact to make in the world, they feel they owe it to the world to be great. They use their skill and mental creativity to create wealth for themselves and people around them, this category of women are creators of opportunity, they are change makers. These are the women who have made the world proud of their success and achievements, they create jobs and opportunities, which allow other people (both men and women) to actualize their dreams. Folorunso Alakija is among these category of women, she sits at the center of the affairs of many corporations in Africa. She is a force to reckon with by both the male and the female gender.

Folorunso is a versatile woman, she is involved in so many sectors that don’t even seem to relate to each other. She is involved in the fashion sector, oil sector, real estate and printing industry. She is the CEO of Rose of Sharon Groups and also the Vice-Chairman of Famfa oil. She is 68 years old and worth 1 billion dollars. Folorunso didn’t just arrive at her present position overnight, it took several night of hard work, dedication and perseverance. She is married and has four sons and several grandchildren. She is the richest woman in Africa, which automatically makes her the richest woman in Nigeria. She is a Yoruba woman who hails from Lagos State, Ikorodu to be precise. Folorunso Is the second most powerful woman in Africa, after Okonjo-Iweala. She wields wealth and power comfortably even as a woman.

Yet, some women will rather be a liability to their husband and boyfriend, instead of adding something to the table, they simply want to consume all that it is brought to the table by their men. These are the category of women who always need two thousand naira, urgently. Please, women should endeavor to work for their money and create wealth for their family. This is not in any way an excuse for a man to choose to be irresponsible, it is still the duty of a man to provide for the needs of his family, even the Bible states this clearly. All I am saying is that a woman should also be able to support herself and her family, or even her boyfriend. Since wealth is not gender dependent, anyone, be it male or female can be rich. What’s your take on, women who choose to be a liability in a relationship or marriage, who feel a man should provide for everything? Do you think it is a good idea for a woman to be a full house wife? Should a woman work or depend solely on a man?

Content created and supplied by: T.Oluwafemi (via Opera News )

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