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Memes vs Savage replies-which of them will enlighten your day? Check out.

Hello everyone welcomes another interesting section of my daily funny post, before I proceed, if I may ask. How was your day and how was work, was it really stressful? Fine just relax tonight because am really gonna cure all your stress and anxiety with my awesome memes, all I need from you is for you to just relax, calm down, stay focus and get ready for my funny post.

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here I will present some 15 funny memes and savage replies that will definitely crack your ribs. Check them out.

1) today's kids vs when I was a kid.

2)when a lady needs attention from you

3)arm robber vs politician.

4)don't hurry to be in a relationship with a girl, be friends first.

5)when you aren't qualified but you got the job through connection.

6)when you finally see the bitch ass mosquito.

7)when your mom buys a cloth for you.

8)when you are fighting with your brother and your mom comes in.

9)mom vs her son.

Savage replies.

10) Nigeria vs Uganda twitter savage.

11)Nigeria vs South Africa savage replies.

12)Nigeria vs Uganda twitter war.

13)me when you ask me about my wifi password.

14) a mortuary collapsed today in Nigeria.

15) David savage reply.

16)how I feel when you don't like my page.

17)please like my page

Lol, they are really funny, right?

I could feel that smile on your face, but if I may ask, which of these got you smiling this way, Is it the memes or the Savage reply?

Please drop your comments below let's interact.

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