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Nkechi Blessing & Bobrisky Fights On Social Media, Exposes Their Secrets - See How It All Started

Popular cross dresser, Bobrisky and Nollywood actress, Nekechi Blessing Sunday had serious clash on Instagram recently that led to names-calling and revealing of dirty secrets about themselves.

The drama started after a female fan, Oyindamola tattooed the actress name on her hand and Nkechi Blessing was wondering if that was a new trend of fans to tattoo the names of celebrities they love in order to get cash gifts from celebs.

Nkechi Blessing told the fan that she won't get anything more from her than just ordinary post as she also is looking for who to draw on herself that will dash her something.

The actress later apologized to the fan after she find out that the tattoo was real but a social media user comment under the apology post saying the actress 'fears Bobrisky' that was what made her apologize.

This comment vexed Nkechi Blessing who fired back and asked if the social media user and Bobrisky is 'mad.'

"Abi you and Bobrisky dey mad? you want make I swear for you?" Nkechi Blessing reply the comment.

Bobrisky who doesn't mind if her fans draws tattoo of her name on their body replied back to Nkechi blessing through her Instagram page;

"Nkechi or whatever your name is. I like my space and peace a lot, that is why I don't follow people here, but when you cross your lane you are definitely waking up a dangerous python."

"I know you and clout is 5 and 6 and we both are SHAMELESS!!!! So lets roll the dice. Never in your life mention my name on your page again." Bobrisky said.

Bobrisky later added that if the actress have any issue with him, she should be brave and face him.

The cross dresser also went further to ask the actress; "Am I the one who asked you to do audio giveaway in your page?"

She said the actress isn't rich enough to appreciate fans who drew tattoo of her name on their body.

Nkechi later claimed that Bobsriky is fighting with her because of a man since 2019.

The two of them spilled so many dirty words on their social media page. The quarrel was so heavy to an extent that it led to insult, curses and swearing.

What Nkechi Blessing said in her Apology to her fan

Nekechi Blessing Sunday apologised to her fan, Oyindamola, that she condemned after she tattooed her name on her body.

"It takes a lot of courage to say SORRY publicly, But I have always been preaching lOVE, show love the little way I can...I wonder why no one Read the part where I said I Love Oyinda the lady who drew my name on her arm"

"I may have acted wrongly, and for that reason, I say I am deeply SORRY. First I thought it was a Fake tattoo to get my attention and send money like the Trend that is going on now..."

"I will like to apologize to the said lady...I hope she find a place in her heart to forgive me and everyone that has been abusing her since yesterday I beg you all to kindly stop."

"I am shocked to find out that the tattoo is actual Real and not fake. Oyindamola Joo Da Ri Ji Mi. If you be my true fan kindly help me beg this young woman please."

Ada Ameh a Nollywood actress and Ka3na a former BBNaija star once quarreling on a similar tatoo matter just 24 hours ago.

Thank you.

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