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Between Reha or Prachi, Who do you think is the most beautiful?

Abhi comes to know that Kiara is his biological daughter and King and Pragya are not married for real. He convinces her and remarried her. After the marriage, Pragya expects twins. Tanu tries different ways to kill Pragya are are unborn children but Abhi, Aliyah and others kicked her out of the house. King realized his mistake and also protect Pragya from Tanu. Tanu instigates Nikhil to take revenge from Abhi and kill Pragya and her twins. At the end, Pragya took one twin and Abhi took the other.

Twenty years later, the twin eventually grew up and met each other but in a very bad way making them both hate each other. Reha who was with Abhi found liking to Pragya and Prachi who was with Pragya found liking to Abhi. The two twins grew up to be very beautiful, who do you think is the most beautiful? You can write your opinion on this in the comments section. Are you with Reha or Prachi? Don't forget to like, share and follow for more juicy updates. Thank you.

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