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Husband and wife relationship

Revealed: How To Please Your Wife As A Married Man

A Good husband is that which is always available for his family and wife. Irrespective of his schedules as a worker or employee. He knows the inner fealings burning in the heart of the wife. He assumes everything is by the Grace of God and not by his own powers. Hence, he becomes a vessel in which the family uphold with dignity.

I do hear a lot ladies talked about money as the ultimate in every marriage. They think a man's worth is based on his appearance and look. We are all deceptors in our own little ways. Those with bigger quotes gets the higher attention. Every husband's goal is to make his family happy and see his children grow in knowledge of God and the knowledge of things around him (Nature). So I want to encourage everyone out there trying so hard to have a good home to always have a heart of FORGIVENESS, once that is achieved, you're likely going to have a better home.

When she nags at you, keep yourself busy with something else. Do not rejoice over his failures (Wives) his welfarism should be your most priority. Learn to leave in peace. If he can not buy that car which your friends are cruising, let him be. There's more to life than car.

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