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If He Doesn't Walk Well Don't Come For Me -Eudoxie Says As She Sits On Grand P's Laps In New Photos

Just some months after the Ivorian model Eudoxie Yao reportedly broke up with Grand P, the two lovers have been seeing each other and have been taking different photos, although Eudoxie never seizes to refer to Grand P as her Ex, recently, Eudoxie Yao was seen sitting comfortably on Grand P's Leg and she openly declared, that Grand P's fans shouldn't come for her if his laps start paining him and result to him not walking well.

Photo Credit: Eudoxieyao/Instagram.

In Eudoxie Yao's words, she said, my Ex-Big P asked me to sit on his lap, if his lap starts to hurt him and he no longer walks well, Guineas should not come for her. She said this in her photos on Instagram, and the people from Guinea have been reacting to her statement over the photo.

In the photo posted both on Instagram and Facebook, Grand P was spotted comfortably carrying Eudoxie Yao on his lap, and a lot of his fans can't help but exclaim at the kind of power Grand P has to be able to carry someone as big as Eudoxie Yao.

Someone who sees Grand P might think that he won't be able to carry Eudoxie Yao, but he has left all of his fans speechless with these recent photos. With the way Grand P carried her and how she sat comfortably, I'm not sure if Grand P felt any pain because if he did, he wouldn't have allowed her to sit on his lap, but because he enjoys it and he feels comfortable the way she sat, he didn't ask her to stand up.

Photo Credit: Eudoxieyao/Instagram.

These two lovers have always given social media what to feed on, even after their breakup, they are still seeing each other and giving out content to their fans. Could it be that they didn't break up, or they are just friends now?

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