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"After I Played Prank On My Elder Brother On Phone, I Heard My Dad's Voice" - Lady Narrates

So many people are now with the habit of playing pranks on one another. It's a form of making fun and catching cruise on people. This is done mostly when someone pretends to be someone else, or related.

A lady has explained how she played on her elder brother and unlike she expected, the prank backfired.

According to what she narrated, she played the prank on her brother with the intention of just catching fun.

She said that she acted so professionally and formal, adding a touch of Amer!can accent when she picked up her elder brother's call. Then while the call was on, she asked her brother who he wanted to speak with. This got him angry and then he asked her "Are you crazy?", the lady replied back, abusing him that "na your papa dey crase", this was when the unexpected happened.

After she said this, there was silence at first, then her brother started to laugh. While wondering and contemplating on the reason for the laughter, she heard a voice calling her name from the phone. Picking up the voice to know who it is, lo and behold, it was her father's voice.

As the father, what will you do when your child says that? Also, If you were to be in her position, what will you do?

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