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Here are 18 funny memes that shows the frustrations steps of been a Nigerian baby. (Photos).

Right from birth, some of our Nigeria babies shows you this weird looks that come from their face, but not everyone will understand what actually the looks from the babies face means.

Here I will present to you some funny memes that reveal what actually that looks on their face means.

Though it took me time to draft out these photos and create such funny memes to you I hope you will love them. Check out photos.

1)the frustrations of being a Nigerian baby.

2)after 9 months your mother finally ships you out.

3)you realize there had been a mistake.

4) you wonder which country is this.

5)they feed you with that usual colored akamu.

6)every morning people will be kissing you with the smelling mouth.

7) even so-called aunties be undressing in front of you with stretch marks and body odor.

8) common Christmas and no Santa clause.

9) when you decide to manage and enjoy your self.

10)boom your family elders hold a meeting, you must start school.

11) that an unusual school uniform has been given to you.

12)boom!! Suddenly there you are.

13) At that moment you decide to protest.

14)and your protest led you to meet Dr. Do good.

15)as you cried, he gives you biscuit and asked, did I best you?

16)you say the magic words"N0". And that's how you passed the initiation test.

17) and suddenly you become a full-blown Nigerian19) how you feel now

19)don't forget to press the like button.

Lol, they are funny right?

That is how exactly some of our Nigerian babes feel when they arrive on earth. I know you enjoyed them all. If I may ask which among them you sometimes observe from your baby?

Please don't forget to like, share, and drop your comments below.

Have a nice day.

Content created and supplied by: Peterson01 (via Opera News )

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