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Meet the woman married to two men (Video)

This is the story of a mother of three kids, who chose to go into a Polyandry marriage (practice or condition of having more than one husband at one time) by marrying two men and are raising their children together.

Alexia Shrout got married to Doug Shrout, in 2004, and Jacob Shrout-Mchaffie, in 2011.

See video here

And according to Alexia, they've being sharing the same bed in Maumee, Ohio, since a binding ceremony in July 2016.

In her own words, Alexia said: "It was a wedding without the legal marriage certificate"

Her first two kids, Skyler who is 15 and Donovan, who is 12, are biologically the children of Doug Shrou.

She has refused to say who the father of her Two-year-old daughter, Tegan, is.

Despite all sleeping in the same bed - Doug and Jacob are both straight and are not intimate with one another.

And on how there kids feel about the relationship, Alexia said the kids are comfortable with it.

Well i will say, if this makes her happy who are we to judge.

We wish her the best in her marriage.

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