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Group rates "Tribute to DMX" written by a young Nigerian as the best of its kind

The management of the Gistvibe Group, a subset of Social Organization, a body of the Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) students of Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ), Ogba profoundly recognized a tribute written by one of its members as the best of its kind.

The confirmation took place during an edition which comprised those assigned to write a tribute to DMX.

The tribute which arrangement of diction and eventful lyrics left the attendees deeply emotional. I hope you read it too as it has been graciously attached below.

The profound tribute was written by Nelson Ayebene, and titled "A Portrait of Loneliness."

April 17, 2021

"The greatest angels rarely live the longest."

Those were my thoughts as I scrolled through my twitter feed, bamboozled with the news that DMX is gone at 50.

He was a gift, and aside his ability to go rhyme-for-rhyme with the likes of Jay-Z and Nas, X was a pastor in every sense; a vessel entrusted with a single celestial word that only his tongue could deliver. 

He was a gravel-voiced teacher who showed what it meant to be real — a complex mix of beauty, ugly and faith. 

Earl 'DMX' Simmons had warned us never lose sight of our demons if we intend to escape their web. 

So on my sit, while in motion, I picture a shirtless, baldheaded, tattooed, chiseled DMX, who articulated the best because he showed more than he told.

X has always been one of the most vulnerable artists of his generation, not afraid to cry while praying on stage or detailing the worst moments of his life.

I remember his conversations with God in a few of his songs and I realize I've also been having conversations with God especially when I'm lonely.

Today, I'm lonely as usual but I don't feel like talking to God directly. I don’t feel like myself today. I just want to stay still and wander.

A void in your soul easily translates into a void in your day. A mess of time wasted — mindless distraction, avoidance, and endless daydreams.

If spin around in circles long enough, you begin to think that circle is your home - an unmade bed littered with emptiness to fill a void. And then you' get drained.

Nothing seems good enough, you don’t seem good enough, so what is the point?  you ask yourself.

Enter social media. 

Curated images on a screen, aesthetically pleasing to the public eye. 

There is an inherent sense of lack that haunts you — and so, you post.

This is who I am! 

You shout at the world. 

You are #LivingYourBestLife. 

Whether or not the world listens, you try not to care. 

You try, and you fail.

Notifications. Null. Void. 

Infinite content, the illusion of inclusion.

Meanwhile, around you, nothing. 

Sometimes, you surround yourself with people, hoping the noise will fill the silence in your heart.

Sometimes, you've got the night parties. 

The gaiety of false grinning faces.

Eyes hazy with smoke and whiskey.

Promises made that will long be forgotten at morning light.

Mornings are the hardest, by far.

You wake alone, with nothing but thoughts that seem to race the rising sun. 

The world is still, quiet — but your mind does not follow suit.

Despite the constant influx of calls and text messages, despite the nights full of laughter and camaraderie, despite all the beauty you experience every single day — at your core, there is loneliness.

A loneliness so familiar it feels like home.

And so we try to fill it. Some write. Some reach for the pill bottle. Others run until their feet blister, work until dawn, or drink until they can’t see. 

We go to bed with strangers, and enter relationships with completely wrong people.

We bear the brunt of heartbreak and hangovers — all in the name of feeling a little less alone. Some people romanticize loneliness. I am one of them. Long days spent in solitude, with headphones in position, on an island floating among an ocean of others. 

Free to think my own thoughts, dream my own daydreams and wallow in my own existence.

It’s a cruel irony — Loneliness is both the disease and the cure.Thankfully, I've been very busy lately, but lonely. Lonely enough, for loneliness to know me by name.

It's that point where you have everything you need in life, wrapped up in a bliss of solitude.

I have tried to snap out of that state a couple of times, while thoughts of DMX festered on my mind in the course of my road trip from Lagos to Ilorin. 

I'm here trying to talk to God through DMX, in the course of my impromptu trip with K-dot, a former student of mine, now my business partner.

It's the last work day of the week and both of us are chasing a deal that could signal the beginning of something special.

We approach Ilorin city, after hours of endless crisscrossing through villages and towns. 

I finally snapped out of loneliness to the sight of my partner, fast asleep next to me, with her head and arms well positioned, on the left side of my untrimmed chest.

RIP Legendary Gospel Singer and Rapper, DMX"

I learnt a lot from here, and I hope you too grab some good lessons from here. Please with us your view.

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