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Jokes And Pictures To Make Your Day

1...No matter how clever you think you are, whenever a 3 years old kid gives you a toy phone, you will talk to it

2... Ladies anytime you feel something around your chest area just know that a guy just zoomed your picture online and touch your breast , las las na sense go kee me

3... Imagine having s*x with her and she said "take it easy baby you know I have HIV"

4... Ladies if you can't find the right man , present the wrong man to God he will edit him for you

5...If you don't have power don't go and fight for your younger ones, I will gist you guys after they finish pressing my body with hot water

6... Apart from me, who else noticed that you must eat very well before you will be able to push FIRST BANK DOOR

7... Not that am hungry ooooh, but I swear I will never forgive that lady who looked at me on a Saturday at a wedding party and said "this broda have eaten already"

8... Even if they say alcohol has HIV, some guys will still use condoms to drink it

9... Sometimes I wonder what the guy who discovered milk was doing with cows breast?, , 

# weekends are meant for laughing

# you finished reading and you don't want to appreciate me,

may Dangote cements fall on you

may you enter one chance

may your food money lost

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