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Some funny moments of the month

you think say I no like you??🙄

Infact I like you to the extent that even if they ask me to choose between you or a trip to America, I promised. I will be thinking about you in the plane.😂🤣🤣🤣😂

the whole HOD

This is the vehicle of the HOD of Geology.

Geology students where are you now, come and see your HOD

see babe when finally take off her wig, eyelashes and Make up. Babes where are you now, show yourselves.

wow Easter meat is on fire you come and started eating, you don't know that momy is at your back looking for you are doing.

Who can relate?? show yourselves

you went for a wedding that nobody invited you, and they done finished sharing food they come and pass you .

Who can relate, Abeg tomorrow don't go for a party that you were not invited oo

you want to talk to me abi??

wait for me let me park first, because I don't want to talk while I was driving, you hear.

abeg, as you all know that there is no money this Easter. Abeg stay for your house and allow us to manage with this little food that we have. No visitation this time around.

Should I increase the volume??

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HOD of Geology


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