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7 Darkest Secrets Hollywood Celebs Don't Want You To Know

When jumped in deep, most of the entertainment industries in the world are nothing but a long dark pit of uncertainty. There is so much about it that never comes in front of us! We only get to see the brighter side. But here is a side of Hollywood actors don't want you to know!

Ageism In The industry

Growing age is inevitable. You cannot really do anything about it. But celebs have this habit of hiding their real age. So much so that Junie Hoang, an actress sued the website Internet Movie Database for revealing her true age to the fans. Strange, right?

Casting Couch

No matter who says what, casting couch pretty much exists and there isn't any 2 ways about it! Megan Fox revealed in an interview, she said, “Hollywood legends” would invite her to meet, and she would be so excited for the opportunity. Then, when she would show up, she would realize that the meeting was just a ploy. Dirty, isn't it?

Illegal Substances

This is probably the most open secret of every entertainment industry out there. Abusing illegal substances is pretty much a norm in almost every entertainment industry. In fact, a lot of it is freely available on the sets according to a lot of reports.

Friendship With Papzzz

Almost every photo that you get to see of your favorite celeb is actually sold by a paparazzi to one magazine or another. Believe it or no, many celebs stage their pictures to have better control over their image. Kim Kardashian is one star who keeps her personal paparazzo on speed dial.

Publicity Stunts

Something extremely similar to the above point is the publicity stunts by our beloved stars. It is a simple way of starting a rumor about oneself in order to reap personal or professional benefits!


A research shows 7 out of 10 relationships in Hollywood break because one or both partners cheat on each other. There is a long list of A-listers cheating on their partners!

Social Media Fraud

Celebs legit buy followers on social media! Every celebrity is serious about their fan following. 70% of your popularity is based on that. Not every number you see is real!

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