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Fiction: The Secret Road Of A Mermaid - Episode 3

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Many engineering companies were summoned to bid for the reconstruction of the bridge. To many companies, it was a life changing opportunity they dare not loose. Dan Vigo, a trending engineering company at Alcapta was known for its speed and accuracy on delivering any engineering contract given to them. Kelvin a young guy of about 28 years was sent by this company as a representative. He was not just picked at random but because of his knowledge and intelligence. Had it been Kelvin is not spiritual, many of his co-workers would have taken his life.

Luck on his side, Kelvin won the bid for the second construction of this bridge for Dan Vigo company. The government mobilized the company while the company mobilized it's most intelligent engineers to set out for the work. Many of the engineers thought of the fame and wealth the work would fetch them and remained grateful to God, while some knew it was a life threatening challenge and prayed for their lives. They knew the River was behind some mysterious death of people. Those few workers raised alarm on inviting religious clergies or traditional worshipers to visit the bridge before them but they were laughed off by their co-workers who believed they were superstitious.

These group of workers set out for the construction of this deadly bridge. They were lodged in chunique hotel. One of the trending hotel around the bridge. The citizens of Alcapta were so happy knowing that the government were out to help. Many who went indoors started coming out once again. Some praised the government while some cursed them for allowing the death of many people before coming to their aid. It cost both the citizens and government many sacrifices as most things went pending in the country.

The engineers were so happy on getting to the bridge. They set out the machines and equipment that would be needed. It was Kelvin who first noticed the vibrations on the bridge and the waves carried by the River. He thought nothing much about it until his eyes caught a figure that it's tail looked like a fish. At first he thought his eyes deceived him, looking again at that same spot, he saw nothing. He knew something was wrong but could not figure it out. Would Kelvin and his co-workers make it out of the bridge alive.

Find out in episode four as the story gets more interesting. Follow up to get the previous episodes. Do no miss out this mind thrilling story. Like and comment the story.

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