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Mr Ibu Vs Charles Inojie, who has the most attractive pot belly?

Sometimes people believe that the difference between men and boys is in the size of the stomach, some believe that a pot belly is an evidence of good living.

Well most times its rich men that always carry the bot belly so one might be mislead with the claim that pot belly is for just rich men. To this notice we will be visiting the Nigerian movie industry. Two top actors who have really made name in the movie industry.

John Okafor and Charles Inojie.


John Okafor is a Nigerian comedy movie star, he is popular with the nick name Mr Ibu, his expertise in the art of movie acting is exceptional and marked with excellence. He has this intriguing technique of making people laugh and smile anytime he is on the screen. His not belly has also being a significant part of his life. It's already his selling point. Now let's check out his pot belle photos to see how cute he looks with it.


We must have seen so many pot bellies but this one comes with richness. This is a rich pot belly.


In as much as he's carrying a very mean face, I think he looks awesome.


The one on black looks quite bigger than the other. This is really almost cool.


Charles Inojie is also a Nollywood star, with huge sense of humour, just like Mr Ibu he is also respected for his comic roles in Nigerian movies. He officially joined Nollywood Nigerian movie industry in 1999. He started his career working as an assistant movie director before venturing full-time into acting and movie directing. He is known to always act in comedy movies and he is labelled as one of the best Nigerian comedy merchant. He too shares pot belly in common with Mr Ibu. Let's check out his pot bellied photos.


He came in a grand style with this pose I think I'm liking the belly




Very stylish

Whether we like it or not, pot belly is part of the human nature, not everyone will have six packs. That doesn't stop the 6 packs person from being someone's spec or not meeting his love.

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