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4 Famous Men who Dated or Married a Man After they Left Their Wives.

Intimacy orientation has been a hot topic in the Hollywood industry for years. However, it is more accepted now than in the past. Although celebrities serve as role model, the majority of them who identify as gay had to hide their themselves for years before society accepted them.

Some men have publicly opened up about being gay. Although they married women close to their heart, they eventually came out of the marriage. Here are some famous men who dated or married a man after they left their wives.

Elton John: The famous and legendary musician came out as a hermaphrodite in an interview with Rolling Stone back in 1976. However, eight years after the interview, he married a German lady but ended up divorcing her four years later. After he left his wife, he dated a man back in 1993, and they got married on the ninth anniversary of their partnership.

Clive Davids has always been honest about being gay. He married two women during his lifetime, and it was during his second marriage that he discovered his gay side. He had a drunken intimacy encounter with a man, and not long after, he started dating other men after he left his wife. He has been in two long-term relationships with men.

After Alan Cumming left his wife, who was a British actress, back in 1993, he started dating a man and they got married in 2007. Alan describes himself as a hermaphrodite, having shared a marriage with a woman and later marrying a man.

The famous and talented Freddie Mercury was very private about his life. He had a six-year relationship with his wife before he came out as a hermaphrodite and he ended the relationship. After he left his wife, he dated a man who was with him until his death.


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