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Few Things To Know About The Veteran Actor Ojopagogo

Rasaq Olayiwola who is widely known as Ojopagogo is an actor, singer, movie director and a loving husband of another actor.

He started acting in 1983 with his then group Ilumokin Theatre Group. He released his own first movie "Baba no go die" in 1996.

He got married to the love of his life but unfortunately, the woman died.

He later remarry to another beautiful woman who is a famous actress and also a daughter of one of the founding fathers of Nigeria movie industry.

His marriage is blessed greatly by God with many children. One of the child got lost but God almighty help him to locate the child and bring the child back home.

He has 3 girls and a boy, the boy is the second born of the family.

He normally acts as an elderly person in the movie, he mastered the act so much that many people thought he is actually an old man.

The fact is that he is just a talented actor, he is a young man and he has featured as a young man in many movies.

He has wrote many blockbuster movies and directed blockbuster movies.

Here are few of his evergreen movies

Baba no go die

Ayan Agalu

Ara Kenge

Ilu Awon Aje

Here are the few evergreen movies he has directed


Okuta Ela


If you are yet to watch any of the movie listed up, please kindly do so because they are movies you'll learn a lot from. From the storyline to the acting and the directing is unique, the movies aren't some half baked movies of nowadays.

He has trained many professional actors and Actresses in his group and he has mentor many actors and actresses.

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