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5 Years After Being Voted As The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, See Recent Pictures Of Cute Jare

Almost everybody is familiar with the picture above,exactly five years ago,a photographer named Mofe Bamuyiwa was asked to take a photograph of a little five year old girl named Jare,little did they know that those photographs were going to make the little girl a worldwide brand,from the moment copies of the photos hit the internet,the little girl have been trending till this day,the world can't help but marvel at her beauty,polls were conducted by reputable media houses around the world and she was dubbed the most beautiful girl in the world

Mr and Mrs Ijalana who happened to be the parents of the little girl became a celebrity of some sort as people were eager to meet the parents of such a beautiful young girl,the Ijalanas have two other daughters before Jare who happened to the last of the three children,their names are Joba and Jomi and together they have an Instagram account known as The J3 Sisters,they currently boast of over 165,000 followers on the popular social media app

The J3 Sisters

The photographer that shot Jare to limelight was quizzed on how he was able to pull off such a perfect shot,he replied"I could have asked her to smile when taking those photos,but I wanted the world to look into her eyes and see the potential in there,I want her to be proud of those shot when she eventually becomes an adult",Mofe is the owner of BMB studios situated in Lagos Nigeria,no doubt she is already a celebrity photographer

Mofe,the now famous photographer

After the photos which shot the little girl to limelight,many are of the opinion that she has been forgotten,but that is not true,the little girl and her photographer have been working endlessly behind the scene,a visit to the J3 sisters Facebook page will confirm this,she has graced the front page of lots of magazine and recently there is a report that she have been invited to walk the runway in the upcoming London fashion week,Jare is indeed going places,for those who have not seen her recent pictures for sometime now,we have put together the best of her recent pictures,the little girl who recently clocked ten is looking more and more beautiful everyday I sincerely hope she takes up modelling as a career when she fully grows up,see some of her cute looking pictures below

Little Jare indeed have a very bright future ahead of her,we sincerely hope her manager will be able to nurture her to the realization of the fullness of those potentials,we wish her and her sisters a very bright future

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