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The Angels Of Sodom And Gomorrah And The Test Of Lot

Let me quickly drop this.

You see the angels sent to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah initially had a stop at Abraham's house, where they informed him of their intention to destroy the city where Abraham's Nephew (Lot) resides. You see Abraham pleaded for the life of Lot and the angels agreed. When they got to the city, something really strange happened.

The angels met lot at the gate, and they did something, they kept quiet and never mentioned anything to Lot. They could have told Lot about the destruction of the city before lot offered to help them with a place to sleep. But they didn't.

They simply kept quiet, waiting to see if Lot deserves their help, they wanted to see if Lot is as good as Abraham claims he is. At that moment, it was a test. They saw Lot passing by and they perhaps wondered, "Let's see if this young man would offer to help us."

Here is a lesson you need to draw from that story:

When people pray for you, as Abraham did for Lot, God listens but then he tests you. He tests to see if you are worthy of that blessing. What I am saying is, when people are praying for you, you still need to earn it. It's not always about the prayers, it also has a lot to do with your character and your attitude.

So for you all that say your mother's prayer is enough, you should know that it is but for that blessing that your mother is praying for, you will still have to earn it.

Your father might have prayed for you to make it but it's time for that blessing to come to you, you will still have to be tested. The test is to see if you deserve this blessing. So honestly, as you ask people to pray for you, remember to work on yourself.

I am VT. Ahonsi.

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