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5 Times K1 Did Unusual Things On Stage That Got People Talking About Him

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In one of the popular lines from the music of the King of Fuji, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Anifowoshe Marshal better known as K1, he said: "Ti mo base bayi, ara ni mo fi da. Ti mo ba tun se bayi ara ni mo fi da", which can be translated into English as: "If I do like this, it is one of my ways of doing the unsual. And, if I also do like this, it is still another way by me to do the unsual." And, no doubt, K1 as an entertainer, has done a lot of usual things like most other Fuji stars would have done on their stage by performing and entertaining people. But, there have also been some occasions that K1 has done some things on his stage that could be termed as unsual, because you never see them coming. And, the situations would get people talking about K1, afterwards.

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More so, of recent K1 has done certain unsual things on his stage while performing, which consequently generated mixed reactions from people. And, in this piece, this writer would present to you five times such unusual things by K1 happened on stage which got people talking about him. And, one of such unusual things was when a video emerged online of K1 crying on the stage during his performance. Though, K1 never mentioned precisely what led him into shedding tears is such an unsual manner, but while he cried, he kept singing some lines from his hit song titled: "Ade Ori Okin".

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K1 first asked his band men to go on their kneels as he did the same thing on the stage. And, the next thing was that, he began to cry as he sang: " Kii se mimo se, Ade Ori Okin, Olohun lo gbogo fun ole, Ade Ori Okin". The literal meaning of what he kept saying while he cried was that, "I'm not a perfect man, but God has only chosen to be kind to an imperfect being like me." He was thereafter pulled up from his kneeling position by some of his aides on the stage, and before the video of his crying moment would end, K1 smiled broadly, eventually, which suggested that, his tears must have been of joy. Many people who got talking about the video presumed that, K1 must have remembered his grass to grace story which must have gotten him emotional, in that instance. 

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The second of the unusual things K1 has done on his stage in recent times, was smacking a photographer on the head during his performance because he felt the photographer was disturbing him. And, shortly after his performance, the video of the incident went viral on the social media such that, people got talking as they criticised K1 for the act. Because, people felt the photographer was doing his job at the event, just like K1 too was doing his own job on the stage, as the artiste of the day. And, if at all the photographer was disturbing him, there should have been another way of calling the man to order than smacking an adult on the head. Though, according to reports, K1 later apologised to the photographer after the criticism from the people. 

The third of the unsual things K1 has done on stage was the alleged beating of popular broadcaster, Wole Sorounke better known as MC Murphy. MC Murphy was reported to have gone on stage with someone to meet K1 at the 60th birthday celebration of an Ogun Monarch, Oba Fatai Akorede Akamo, the Olu of Itori. And, MC Murphy wanted K1 to praise sing the person he took to the stage so that the man could spray the bundles of money he was holding on K1, but when he did not get the attention of K1 like he wanted, MC Murphy reportedly led the man he brought to the stage back to their seat. And, that did not go down well with K1. So, K1 was said to have instructed two of his aides to descend on MC Murphy by beating him, and K1 too later joined them in dealing with the public figure, based on the report of the incident.

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And, the incident later made the front page of Punch Newspaper two days after, as the professional association that MC Murphy belongs to, Freelance and Independent Broadcasters' Association of Nigeria (FIBAN), waded into the matter by calling on Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi, Iku Baba Yeye, to withdraw the Mayegun of Yoruba Land title he bestowed on K1, because of the incident. However, the matter was later resolved amicably between the leadership of FIBAN and K1 at the instance of Olu of Itori who called for peace meeting between the two sides at Itori, some days after.

The fourth time K1 did something unsual on the stage while performing of recent, was when an American based Nigerian socialite, Wale Bouncer, was seen in a video that emerged online in which the socialite first prostrated casually in front of the stage to greet K1, before he went straight on the stage and tried to touch K1, but K1 resisted him. And, rather letting Wale Bouncer touch him, K1 kept bellowing to him amidst the noise from the music which was still playing that, "go down on your kneels!" Though, Wale Bouncer did not want to obey the instruction at first, but he later did it reluctantly. 

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And, it was after going down on his kneels that K1 patted him on the back and pulled him up. K1 there after sang for Wale Bouncer that he is one of his children, and that he, K1, is their father as another young man came up stage to hug Wale Bouncer, warmly. Though, the reason for the insistence by K1 that Wale Bouncer should go on his kneels publicly was not made known, but the scenario got people talking about K1 based on his unusual ways of doing things, after the video of the incident hit the social media. 

The fifth unsual thing that K1 has done on stage happened when the video of his purported chasing away of two Yoruba actors, Olaniyi Afonja popularly known as Sanyeri and Tunde Usman who is better known as Okele, first hit the social media. As it was seen in the video, K1 made the gesture suggesting that "please, leave my stage", to the two comic actors, and people had started criticising K1 for the act, before a full video of the incident was release which showed that the two actors were actually the ones who whispered to K1 that they wanted to leave, before K1 made the gesture to them to go.

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So, by and large, K1 as a Fuji star has had his high, and low moments on the stage while performing, and in the course of that, a lot of unsual things have happened. But, the good part is, he is always able to bring everything under control, in the long run.

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