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View These Memes That Will Make You Laugh

There's are just some memes that are too funny to ignore, memes that never get old, memes that you could read or view a hundred times and still laugh at it every time you get to see it.

Here are some of them

Every one knows Dj Khalid, loves to scream his name in every song he features in, here's A meme mocking him for that.

This is targeted at those girl who love to draw ridiculous eye brows in the process of make up, well Nike is a clothing line, with a really long tick as its trademark.

Above is a man trying to teach his young daughter how to ride her bike while darting in her face in the process, well she had to learn quickly to avoid a recurrence of the unfriendly scenario.

This is the situation with most friends when you meet them at first they are all nice and funny, but with time, they become too familiar and become quite a headache.

If you were able to view these memes without laughing, here's what you stand to win, a smile, and a like/commendation from me, indeed you're very strong.

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Dj Khalid Nike


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