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These funny pictures of people having a bad day will make you Laugh out loud

Some bad days could still hold a pinch of fun and something to laugh about.

If you think you are having a bad day, check out these people who are having way worst.

Little man got himself creamed from head to toe while trying to pull a heist.

She drove into a wet concrete and I don't even what to make of that.

Home alone and doing repairs on the roof. The ladder is down... I am not suppose to be laughing this hard.

Jonah Hill loosing his coffee cup. Things about to get messier.

I would have ran out of the house without thinking about it.

He did a tattoo of Mario on the wrong hand and the result is hilarious.

This will make for a good Mission Impossible scene.

Hish! this is not looking good.

Work day ever on a job right there.

What the fork literally said hits me like wow.

Catastrophic is an understatement in this moment.

Put a canned soda in the deep freezer and it looks like the can was attacked by a pack of wolves.

The knives finally gave up.

They left the key of the armoured vehicle inside it. It's going to be a looong day.

You can't even pick it up.

James Bond will be proud of this type of parking.

This is what happens when you drive through a newly constructed road.

Ok, that happened.

This just made me reconsidered my dream of wanting to be a librarian.

That a good car paint job. 😂

Started a bee keeping job and got stung on the first day.

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Hish Jonah Hill Mario Mission Impossible


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