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8 lovely photos of Bobrisky that will make you abandon masculinity to become a woman

I've heard people say to be a man isn't a days job, reason Bobrisky abandoned manhood for whatever pays his bills. Being a man is great,but why do we keep having cases of men becoming women? I don't think I know of one person that was once a woman and then became a man. It's always the reverse. Which got me thinking,what is it about being a woman that men are dying to get? Maybe we can get a clue from Bobrisky.

Idris aka, Bobrisky is Nigeria's most famous crossdresser. He started out by trying on and wearing makeup. He later on bleached his skin. When he wanted to up his game,he got into crossdressing. From what he says,he makes more money as a woman than he ever made as a man. Here are eight photos that obviously prove that he's doing well.

He does look good as a woman doesn't he? I mean can you even compare?Maybe that's why Jay boogie and all those upcoming crossdressers joined the club. Crossdressing may actually be lucrative, what do you think? I come in peace.

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