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Daddy Freeze Reacts To Pastor Sam Adeyemi Words That He Will Not Make People Pay Tithe Out Of Fear

" I am not called to amass wealth but to teach people how to get". This were the exact words of Pastor Sam Adeyemi of the Daystar Christian, Church, Oregun, Lagos in a video uploaded by the popular On Air Personality and pastor opposer, Daddy Freeze.

In the video, pastor Sam talked about the sensitivity in his calling as someone who is called not to gather wealth but to just teach people to get it. And if you are not careful you will be tempted, and grediness might set in and you begin to manipulate money out of people's mind.

It makes you tie your self worth to your net worth and become jittery when money goes down, you begin to manipulate people to get money from them.

He said " ..... I rather they dont give at all than give out of fear of what we have told them earlier that when you dont obey the law, you are cursed".

Daddy Freeze reacted to this words but this time positively...

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