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Extraction: Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Movie

The movie Extraction was one of the most talked about movie when it was released few months ago. The purely action film was produced by the Russo Brothers and directed by no other than the MCU stuntman Sam Hargrave, and it stars Chris Hemsworth as a black-ops mercenary who gets hired to rescue a young boy from kidnappers.

Down below are things you probably didn't know about the movie:

1. It was Adapted From A Graphic Novel.

The movie was actually based on the graphic novel Ciudad created by Andre Parks, it was almost a perfect adaptation of the the novel, as the only significant difference between the novel and the movie.

Instead of saving a young boy, the mercenary in the book is tasked with saving the kidnapped daughter of an imprisoned crime lord, who he eventually falls in love with.

And just like in the movie, he epicly kills lots of guys and gets betrayed by some friends.

2. That Scene, of Him being underwater Was Shot In A Water Tank.

The movie has many graphically impressive scenes and one of the first happens when Tyler Rake jumps from a cliff into a large body of water and remains seated at the bottom, and stayed in a meditative state for some minutes. This almost made us feel like we were watching Aquaman movie again.

According to movie stuntman Hargrave, the scene was shot in a water tank on a stage and Hemsworth had to hold his breath for about three minutes, to the extent that he had to be reminded to come out of the water because he was in such a relaxed and meditative state. It should however be noted that the average adult can hold his/her breath for 45 to 60 seconds.

3. The Title Was Changed twice

Coming up with a good title was never easy for the crew, at first the title was Dhaka, to reflect the name of the city in which events took place, bit they thought it might end up confusing some audiences, then the title was changed to Out Of The Fire.

Unfortunately it sounded too similar to Denzel Washington movie Man On Fire which also has similar premise.

It was then finally concluded that the title would be Extraction.

4. The movie was Sam Hargrave's Directorial Debut

We all know Hargrave to be one of Hollywood's most sought after stuntmen. He has worked as a stuntman and all-round stunt coordinator in all of Russo-directed Marvel movies. 

Before Extraction, Hargrave had never directed a movie before. Although he had an acting role in the action movie Atomic Blonde. Fortunately for his skills as a director, he did a really great job for a first timer. Hopefully, we will get to see him direct many more action films.

5. One of the lead Actors had to re-read the contract ten times to make sure he was working with the same Russo Brothers.

Priyanshu Painyuli who played the main villain: Bangladeshi crime boss Amir Asif, opened up in an interview with Bollywood Life that he found it so hard to believe that he was working with the same Russo Brothers from the Avengers films, he said he read the contract again and again just to be sure he wasn't dreaming.

It also took Priyanshu Painyuli three months to learn the Bangladeshi language of Bengali because he is from from India and not Bangladesh.

6. The Child actor who plays Ovi is not new to acting, he's even a known face for TV commercials.

Rudhraksh Jaiswal is the name of the child actor who plays Ovi, (the son of the drug lord that Tyler goes to rescue). Rudhraksh isn't a new face in India and Bangladesh as he has been appearing in TV commercials ever since he was a little boy. 

Apart from acting, he also has flare for mixed martial arts and dancing. His first film appearance was back in 2013. Obviously, the future seems bright for the 16 years old boy. Hopefully, he might become a major Hollywood star in future.

7. It was said the 12-Minute Action Sequence Couldn’t Have any Mistakes.

For the movie Extraction , it was said that the actors had to do each move perfectly during the 12-minute action sequence because it was to look like a flawless and clean cut scene.

This alone could not have been easy for any of the actors on set, at all you know getting everything perfectly right like that is difficult, but the actors fortunately were able to overcome the challenge.

8. Piror Preparation For That 12-Minute Action Scene Was Very Technical.

When asked Hargrave said, that the preparation was very technical and logistical. And then they had actors rehearsing to make sure they knew all the moves. He said they wanted to focus on keeping their actors on camera as much as possible, and not relying on stunt doubles and quick cuts to hide things.

So the actors needed to be well prepared, and that kind of stuff takes time. He said they ended up shooting for, 10 days in sequence. 

9. Extraction Was A New Level Of Exhaustion For Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has stared in lots of major movies in his day. Extraction is the movie that took the biggest toll on him though. He said, he didn’t want to just do a straight-up action film.

He wanted to do action unlike anything He’d ever done before, and it required was a level of complexity and exhaustion that was very new to him.

10. It was revealed that 90 Million Households Watched Extraction In Its First Month.

Netflix revealed that Extraction was watched by around 90 million households within its first month of released. That alone has beaten all records. It was very impressive that the movie did so well. A big reason why the movie did so well was probably due to the fact that Chris Hemsworth was the star of the movie. His time playing the role of Thor has cemented him in stone as one of our favorite action movie stars for the past decade.

Now that you know all that you should know that a sequel is already in the making so we still haven't gotten the best of Extraction.

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