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5 Popular American Musicians That Have Tattoos On Their Face And Other Body Parts

1) Lil Wayne

Lil wayne is an American rapper and singer that is very popular all over the world. He has been on top of his game for more than 15 years now. Apart from being popular for his songs, Lil wayne is also known for the numerous tattoos on his body. He was rumoured to be sick at a point in time, and people were quick to say the tattoos on his body might have contributed to it. Lil wayne has tattoos on almost every part of his body including his face.

2) Travis Becker

Travis Becker is one of the most popular drummers in America. He is currently dating one of the Kardashian sisters. He has been featured by many top American artistes such as Justin Bieber and others. Travis Becker is also a lover of tattoos. From his neck down to his stomach is covered up with different tattoos. He also has few tattoos written on his face.

3) Six9ine

Six9ine who is also know as Tekashi, is a popular American singer. He was recently arrested for drug related issues. He is easily recognizable due to his hair, huge chain and tattoos. He also has tattoos all over his body, including his face which he wrote 69 and also drew flowers.

4) Young thug

Young thug is another popular American singer who can be said to be a lover of tattoos. Due to his dark skin, you might not notice all his tattoos from afar until you move closer. He has many tattoos on his body and his face too.

5) Birdman

Birdman can be said to be a legendary American artiste. He is a very good friend of Lil wayne. He also has his body covered up with many tattoos, including his face.

(Photo credit: all photos were gotten from their individual instagram pages)

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