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She Visited Me At Night, After She Overheard My Prayers

Last week Sunday, in Campus Fellowship, the brother at the pulpit raised a prayer point, that we should all ask God for just one thing.

Some students asked God for success in their remaining exams. I used to think I'm brilliant. Some asked God for protection in school. But I get Jeje as per Cadet. Number one OCMP. Always rugged.

I could hear a lot of prayer points because they were so loud and clear too. Plus, I already exhausted my prayer bundle after one minute of praying so I just kept mute and was listening to others pray.

Shina by my side kept asking God for money in a funny way.

"God please help me to make money this year. This is my year of making money. Any door shut against me from making money please open it for me. God please, anything I touch this year should be money..."

Me: Ahh

It was like Eniola standing by his right hand side felt so embarrassed by his prayer point and after we sat down she told him:

"Why don't you learn to pray like King Solomon. King Solomon asked God for wisdom, not money money money. God was happy with Solomon's prayer point and he blessed him with other things he didn't ask for"

Shina was unashamed. Here's what he said to her:

"King Solomon asked for wisdom because money was not his problem. I need money right now not wisdom."

Wow, so there another round of prayer (one last time) so I prayed loud and clear for what? I prayed for "MEAT" 

Ah! Why na? 

I'd been drinking garri without sugar for the past 7 days straight (one week o) 

What do you think about my request*

Unknown to me that this beautiful lady behind me was listening to me. 

Well, it was around 9:00 pm when I heard a soft knock on my door. At first, I was curious, so I hid my garri under my 70% wrecked bunk. It could be one of these guys. 

I opened the door, and it was this my fellowship member. Honestly, she wore a nice perfume, but believe me, the aroma of fried meat and fish emanating from the little light green basket she was holding started tampering with the flow of blood in brain. 

The first thing I did was that I poured some of it into my half wrecked blue basket. I even forgot her presence

"Hey, sorry I'm late, I had to go to town to buy this stuffs, cooked it and fried it." she said.

What she said was way too difficult for my brain to digest that very moment. 

"I'm Bidemi" she said 

I heard this one sha. Thank God 

She entered, we talked, she said she heard me praying and things like that. Cracked some jokes, she laughed and it was just like we've met for years. 

I was already dissecting one big lap of the meat.

It was 11pm before she decided to leave. [in my mind (you want to leave kwa? Are you joking)] honestly, it was too late to move in such a dangerous place by that time. So she slept over.

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