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Photos of Kim, Obama And Other Famous Top Celebrities With Their Pets.

Pets like dogs are amazing creatures and one thing peculiar to them is the fact that like humans they love care, attention and lots of affection.

Just like babies they like to be taken care of and cared for. Although not everyone see a reason to have pets but those that do have one or two can relate to the fact that sometimes their pets are one of the reasons they smile.  

It's amazing how animals grow so fond of their human owners so much that they can read their emotions. Only pet lovers and owners can understand this.

Here are Top Celebrities Who have been caught on camera with their lovely and adorable pets.

Kim Kardashian is the number one on our list, She is the T.V reality Star and also a Dog lover.

Sir Lewis Hamilton is a musician, a racing driver and a fashion designer. He was born in the United Kingdom.

Barrack Obama was the first Black President of The United States and an owner of two pet dogs.

Gerrad Butler is a Scottish actor and film producer he was born in the United kingdom.

Usher Raymond is a renowned singer with his root in The United States of America. He has an adorable dog.

Who would have thought that Prince Harry a royal blood of the British monarch is a pet lover.

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