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Photoshop and social media pics: friends or foes?

1. Just make-up or photoshop as well?

These two photos of Trisha Paytas, an American media personality, show you how ordinary people can look when they sleep and how hot when they do a photoshoot. Of course, it could have been many thanks to make-up wizardry but, definitely, a face editor app also had its hand in this transformation.

 2. When aliens inhabit the earth

With anime being so popular now, no wonder this girl desired to have such big and wide-open eyes to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, this hardly comes her making her look like an alien. Moreover, the crowd had also got this transformation – just look at the girl on the background!

3. Beautiful and slim vs ordinary and chubby


Right angle, a little photoshop and you will look much thinner and more beautiful. These pics are a good example of magic visual transformation everyone can easily have.

 4. Really, sometimes your camera tricks can ruin your look.

Well, every woman dreams about sandglass proportions, but would she like these ones? They look like those of a doll for … well, let’s not go further.

5. Such different photos

Are you familiar with the situation when you work hard with face editors to give yourself a perfect languorous look and then one of your friends posts a self-made photo of yours and tags you? You may like red colors in your look, but isn’t it too much of it on that tagged photo?

 6. Are these two photos really of the same person?

This is like a game about finding differences. Only you need to find any similarities between these two pics. And when you fail to find them, you start to suspect this girl is just fooling you by posting some other’s picture.

7. Do celebrities always look like they are in their Instagram?

Of course, not! Just look at this beautiful Kylie Jenner on the left pic and the girl on the right one. Would you believe that one is Kylie Jenner as well? But still, it’s true!


8. Can photoshop help you look prettier and more natural?

The answer is yes, it can! Let’s take these pics as an example. While the girl is over-makeupped on the pre-editors photo (perhaps, you can’t even look at her without disgust), she is almost pretty on her post-editors one.

9. Sexy or disgusting?

Yikes! It appears again you should be careful while using photoshop. In inept hands, it can do harm rather than good.

 10. Girls, when you are pretty, stay pretty but don’t worsen your look with photoshop!

This girl was very charming and pretty when she was shot in her natural look. But then she decided to apply some face editor filters and ruined her pretty face with that too much pointed chin.

Content created and supplied by: Warbuck (via Opera News )

American Trisha Paytas


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