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Before flaunting your wealth on social media you should know the major risk these people have faced

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So many things are happening on social media these days. If you must get very updated then you go to social media,if you want to get entertained then its social media.

Whenever something happens around us,the next thing we do is take our phones and start posting. Everyone wants to show what he or she is doing at the moment so people can see their progress.

We want people to know how wealthy we are,we want people to know the most expensive things we just recently acquired. We all do these things to make ourselves feel good.

Its good to feel good but there is difference between feeling good and showing off.

One popular celebrity who faced the consequence of flaunting her wealth and body on social media is Kim Kardashian. Always posting her current status,taking pictures of her current location. But when it hit was in Paris when she was robbed at gun point,she never expected it but she was robbed of her jewelries and other things worth over $10 million.

Trust me she is lucky to be alive.

But you might say she is very rich and did not feel the impact of the money but what of those people who may not be able to recover from such.

Remember Hushpuppi who is trending and said to be in United states prison now? Hushpuppi claimed to be very rich on social media by flaunting his wealth and newly acquired gadgets. Though his money was not clean all along but the social media appeared to be his downfall. The wealth he was showing off brought a lot of eyes on him.

He was busy flaunting his wealth while other authorities were busy tracking his daily activities through his social media account.

Social media tells a lot about you,it shows when you were poor and when you became wealthy. So when someone sees the sudden change you are having they become interested in you.

Everyone wants to be the life of the party and show it to a network that has billions of subscribers.

So if you don't want that kind of attention then you know what you need to do.

Recently some boys were flaunting there money that they recently acquired together with new cars. According to them in the video, there source of wealth is bitcoin.

But they were recently arrested and are now being investigated.

When you think of flaunting your body or wealth do not be surprised when thieves decide they want a taste of that body or wealth.

Social media is very good but we should be wise,there are so many people flaunting there body on every page you swipe but according to them,they are just having fun. They want to be like their favourite celebrity,trust me when I say that those celebrities are more protected than you are.

If you must enjoy life,do it with your family. Not everything is suppose to be on social media, some things are meant to be personal to you and your family.

So if you must do anything,make sure you are safe.

Stay safe.

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