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Husband and wife relationship

“Only God can judge me” - man shares photos of his wife carrying his side chick’s baby.

What do you make of a situation where a married man gets another woman pregnant, the lady gives birth and his wife welcomes and accepts the child? 

Questions have been asked and the story has gone viral.

This particular African American man is married and he got another woman pregnant. The lady gave birth and he took to his social media page to share photos of his wife carrying his side chick’s baby.

The man Jarmill Walker made the post to appreciate his wife and and to acknowledge that he is not a perfect man. He also made it known that he has a very forgiving wife who stayed with him despite his mistake.

He also announced that his wife would give birth in 3 months time.

His words, “God doesn’t make mistakes, unfortunately people do. This is not the ideal situation nor am I the perfect man, husband or father but we learn from our mistakes.”

“I’m grateful for God’s mercy and to have an incredibly strong and forgiving wife by my side and I appreciate the woman she is. This is my beautiful daughter, Bria Nicole. #onlyGodcanjudgeme.”

See screenshot of what he wrote.

People who have heard the story have reacted to it.

Some have praised the women for staying by her man, while others have asked if the man would forgive his wife if she made the mistake.

See screenshot of some comments.

If you were in this situation, would you stay with your partner or leave?

What are your thoughts?

Please leave a comment.

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African American Bria Nicole Jarmill Walker


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