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Meet The Real Characters Behind 'The Lion King' Animated Movie (Photos)

The Lion King is a computer-animated American musical drama film. It was written by Jeff Nathanson,produced and directed by Jon Favreau and produced by Walt Disney Pictures.

The movie was created by a cutting edge computer technology in a virtual reality environment. Although few scenes where shot in Kenya, majority of the scenes was shot on a stage in Playa Vista, California.

The Lion King movie is loved by many people especially the children. This is because of the funny characters in the movie that will make you laugh your worries away. Characters like Zazu, pumbaa and Timon (The Hakuna Matata singers).

The movie is also loved for the powerful message it sends to viewers regarding love, friendship and hope. Simba was able to make friends on his journey to adulthood which gave him the strength and courage to come back home and overthrow his evil uncle.

Having watched this great movie, I know you must have wondered who were the sweet voices behind those animation characters. Well, you are on the right page as I have compiled the photos of the real characters behind the Lion King Movie.

Without further waste of time, below are the real character behind the Lion King animated movie.

1. Zazu2. Sarabi3. Sarafina4. Shenzi5. Banzai6. Ed7. Simba's Uncle8. Rafiki9. Simba as a cob10. Simba Fully Grown

11. Nala fully Grown 12. Timon, Pumbaa's friend 13. Nala as a cob

14. Simba's Dad

15. Pumbaa, Timon's friend Hope you enjoyed this piece.

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