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Opinion: 8 wonders of charcoal you probably did not know

One of the most neglect product that does so many wonders in out everyday life and health is charcoal.

Charcoal are gotten from burnt wood. It is one of the end product of wood before ash. But nowadays, charcoal is becoming tad expensive as people now use it as a source of fuel. Many people leverage on its usage since kerosene and cooking had are now expensive.

However, charcoal should be a must have for everybody as it has so many uses which are numerous to mention aside the whitening of teeth we are so used to.

Here are some of the benefits/wonders of charcoal which I got to know through experience, help by my parents and grandparents and through extensive research.

1. If you have ever pull off you shoe and the whole place stunk because of the bad smell from your shoe, don't worry, charcoal will do the magic. Get a piece of charcoal and put into it. Voila, the smell goes.

2. If your freezer or fridge have a smell of the food packed into them, just put a piece of charcoal in your freezer/fridge.

3. Is your house smelling and gives of bad odour, drop charcoal at the corners of that room. But if the smell is as a result of bad water in the room or dirty clothes, throw the bad water away and wash the dirty clothes.

4. There are so people who have strong body smell. If you sit close to them, you can hardly breath. If you are friends with such people, gift them a charcoal. Instruct them to crush it to powder, then use it on their body. It will get rid of the bad smell.

5. If you bought vegetable which you intent to use the next day and you want it fresh till the time of usage, make a solution with charcoal and leave it on your vegetables.

6. If you have a hangover, please chew it or make a solution of it. You are good to go.

7. If your soup goes stale or bad, as you are warming it, drop a piece of charcoal and it will extract the bad taste and smell.

8. Do you have a terrible acne, make a solution of charcoal and rub on the affected place. It will leave tour face fresh and supple.

There are other benefit of charcoal which is the healing aspect that I will not talk about on this article.

I chose to wrote on everyday use so as the help remedy little mistakes in our everyday life.

On a very good day, I will talk extensively on the spiritual aspect of charcoal after my research.

Picture credit: Nairaland

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